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THE FIERCE YELLOW PUMPKIN What a thrill to discover that Margaret Wise Brown, author of Goodnight Moon and countless other treasures for children, also wrote a book about Halloween! And what a book it is. "A very small green pumpkin the size of an apple" cannot wait to grow up and have a "fierce, ferocious gobble-gobble face" so he can scare the field mice. But, alas, as he grows, his face stays "smooth and yellow and shining." Help comes when the winds blow chill, and Halloween brings three children to the field, searching for the perfect pumpkin. The words are delicious, and the illustrations make this one of the loveliest little books I have seen in a long time. It brings just the right amount of thrill to little ones, who are still uncertain about all those scary, frightful parts of Halloween. Divine! KNOCK! KNOCK! A kooky and mildly spooky Scottish folk tale, Knock! Knock! is a Halloween delight sure to elicit smiles and giggles. When Ella La Grimble, an adorable young witch, finds herself sitting alone at her spinning wheel late one evening, she wishes she had some company. Much to her confusion, a huge pair of booted feet comes rolling through the door, followed by spindly and somewhat hairy Scottish legs. The strange procession of body parts continues, piecing itself together slowly, until her wish for company comes true. The only question remaining is why this stranger has come for a visit. Finding out why is a real treat in this quirky little book.
SCARY STORIES COLLECTION Prepare to have your socks scared right off your feet and into the next time zone with this classic and creeeepy collection of some of the scariest stories ever told. Definitely not for the timid, squeamish, or otherwise easily frightened, this bloodcurdling set of time-honored folklore is perfect for reading aloud and is guaranteed to produce goose bumps, heebie-jeebies, and maybe even some screams from unsuspecting audiences. Featuring nearly every popular, tried-and-true tale you've ever heard by the campfire as well as lesser known gems, this 3-book collection may be the only scary books your young reader will ever need. Pumpkin Moonshine
Pumpkin Moonshine
In a book reminiscent of Beatrix Potter's art, Tudor relates a very simple story of little Sylvie Ann's hunt for a big fat pumpkin. When she finds the golden treasure, it is too big to carry so she rolls it home. Unfortunately, the pumpkin goes out of control and causes a bit of disruption. Sylvie apologizes to all and, with her Grandpawp's help she creates a really fearsome jack-o-lantern which she calls Pumpkin Moonshine. In this reissue, the pages are bordered in a pale golden orange with the delicate watercolors inset on the left of each spread. The initial letter of the text is decorated like an illuminated manuscript but using only the deeper orange and black. A sweet story that harkens back to days long gone.
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Dora the Explorer: Dora's Spooky Halloween Book It's Halloween, and Dora is ready to go trick-or-treating! But first she needs to find something to wear. Dora tries on several costumes, but none of them are spooky enough. But when she sees what her friends are wearing, Dora gets some ideas and ends up with the perfect spooky costume! SpongeBob SquarePants: The Haunted Halloween Carnival Book The Haunted Halloween Carnival has come to Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob and Patrick can't wait to try out all the rides! Read along and follow SpongeBob's glow-in-the-dark eyes from beginning to end!

The Backyardigans: Hide and Go Boo! Book Howl with laughter this Halloween with spooky ghosts and soccer-loving monsters in these adventures with your friends, The Backyardigans!
Fairly Odd Parents: A Fairly Odd Halloween Book Timmy turns into a scary monster, spooks people, and gets a lot of candy in this fairly odd pop-up!
WHO SAID BOO? Someone in the little vampire's house said "boo," but he can't figure out who it is in this silly Halloween book for the very young. Behind each sturdy flap hides a spooky friend, and the vampire asks if they are the mysterious caller. "Who said boo? Was it the ghost? No, I'm making toast. Who said boo? Was it the skeleton? No, I'm eating gelatin." The illustrations are bold and fun, not the least bit scary for little ones who might otherwise be nervous with a true Halloween book. My son liked looking for the little mouse that hides on every page and pops up for a surprise ending. Don't be surprised if your trick-or-treaters request this book year 'round! TRICK OR TREAT? Give your children a real treat for Halloween with this tricky tale. It's never a good idea to ask Merlin the wizard whether he'd prefer a trick or a treat if you meet him on Halloween. Clever and funny, this story is about the colorful residents of a boy's apartment building and a trick-or-treat excursion there that goes haywire. When the boy knocks on Merlin's door, the wizard suddenly appears, chooses "trick!", and casts a silly spell, turning every treat into a "wackbards" trick! What were once yummy jelly beans become "belly jeans" (actual pairs of denim jeans); chocolate sticks are transformed into "stocolate chicks," and so on. It's all in fun of course, and things get straightened out by the end of this cheerfully illustrated story (which also includes a counting aspect). Children will love the tricky word play in this treat of a Halloween book!
HALLOWEEN As a trio of trick-or-treaters makes their way through a dark, windy night, all sorts of goblins and Halloween-y creatures are coming out to celebrate! And it could be a very eerie journey for the young humans if one of the little trick-or-treaters didn't think to offer a lollipop to the motley group of creatures gathering to make merry. This single, shiny red lollipop changes everything, though, and in an instant, they become one big, happy bevy of scary wanna-bes who are simply out to have a good time on the only night of the year it's allowed. Wispy illustrations give a delicious sense of the eeriness that makes Halloween such a delectable holiday, and a very simple text leaves just enough to the imagination. IN A DARK DARK ROOM and Other Scary Stories Halloween can be frightfully fun, even for impressionable little ones, with this gently scary little collection of seven spooky stories. Read them slowly and quietly for effect or simply pop in the cassette (an unabridged read-along with music and sound effects) for a frighteningly good Halloween time.

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THE LITTLE OLD LADY WHO WAS NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING It wouldn't take much imagination for just about anybody to envision how enjoyable this book is to young children. Just the title alone should tip you off that the subject matter is close to the hearts of little people who are coming to grips with the sensation of being afraid, and then learning how to deal with their fears. But even if you choose not to get so analytical and just open the book and read a few pages aloud to yourself, you'll know this book's a winner.  
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